JMF Doors

For more than 25 years, JMF Doors have been making custom, handmade, 5 piece mortice and tenon MDF doors, made individually to each customer’s requirements in their chosen design and the exact size they require.

Welcome to our Workshop

Our specialist workshop is located in a thriving district near J6 of the M6 where we have been based for more than 20 yrs and where our precision machinery enables our team to make the door components to the exact millimetre before assembling them by hand in the traditional manner.

Crafted Elements

Each element of our doors is crafted in house from board materials, using proprietary cutting blocs and precision machinery to ensure that each element of the door is exactly the right size and specification for your requirements.

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  • range of custom doors

    Choose from our selection of industry-leading door styles to match your style

  • custom hinge position

    Customise your door's dimensions, hinge details, primer & much more for the perfect door

  • 3.Review

    Double check your door details ensuring your product is fit for purpose

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